George Hruby is an imaginal-poet. This means he sees an image and writes to it. This can be in person as to a location or an object such as a statue or, via a digital image such as a photograph or a painting. This style of poetry-writing was introduced to him by Poet Laureate, Dr. Stella Woodall, who discovered the young poet as a teenager in 1974. Both she and another noted poet of the time, Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Professor of Space Medicine at NASA, took a noted interest to the young award winning writer at the time. Woodall would ensure that several of Hruby’s early works were already published, both nationally and internationally, by 1975.

Below is a library of the imaginal-poet’s works today. Each composition marriages both the image that Hruby wrote to, as well as the words that the image inspired him to write. Together, you can see the whole of Hruby’s artistic and poetic style. He is considered one of the last great 20th century poets.