Midnight on the Custer Battlefield

Midnight on the Custer Battlefield” is a haunting and dark reveal into the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  Follow a minute-by-minute account of this infamous battle including illustrations and photographs that puts faces-to-the-names of those involved in this historical and tragic event. Historian, George Hruby, gives a compelling commentary of his thoughts and views concerning this battle. He dares to broach such taboo topics as Monahsetah, Custer’s Indian wife, as well as to who may have been responsible for an unmentionable mutilation to Custer’s body. He delves into the mysterious twenty-to-thirty-minute pause by Custer and his men during the heat of the battle, giving new insight into what most likely was the cause. Also, how Custer most likely died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn which is far removed from the spectacular portrayals often shown in the movies.  He leaves us with his conclusion on what really happened that day between the Indians and the soldiers, and why?


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