Mary Jane Kelly

Eyes of Blue – the Final Victim of Jack-the-Ripper

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“Eyes of Blue – The Final Victim of Jack-the-Ripper” is a recreation of the last night in the life of Mary Jane Kelly, the final victim of Jack-the-Ripper.  It gives an hour-by-hour account of her movements and actions on the final evening of November 8th, 1888, into the morning of November 9th when she is killed.  This book contains the most riveting crime scene recreation ever recorded into the murder of Mary Jane Kelly.  Based on the coroner’s report and autopsy results, and the author’s law enforcement and investigative background with homicides, he writes a gripping account of the victim’s last moments. He also raises question as to whether or not she had a child living with her at the time of her murder, something previously not broached upon by other authors. This account, although conjectural in nature, is based on actual court transcripts, 1st hand witness information, police documents including inquest and coroner’s report, and some 2nd hand reporting based on newspaper accounts at the time.


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Spooky Backstory


Some strange things did in fact happen while George was writing and getting this book published.


During the project involving this transformation of the original blog into a popular selling book on Amazon, an editor was hired. Although hired to work on various projects for Mr. Hruby across the next three-to-five years, the woman abruptly gave just three-days-notice. This, after working just two weeks on “Eyes of Blue.” 


Shaken and upset, she conveyed that the decision was final and would not be negotiated.  In her resignation letter she explained why she quit.


She wrote that although Mr. Hruby may not be superstitious, that since taking on “Eyes of Blue” as the editor, strange things began happening.  She went on to describe that every time she brought the project up on her computer screen and began working on it that a pattern began to develop.


She wrote that one time, as soon as she open it up on her screen, one of her family members had to immediately be admitted to a hospital.  Another time, she immediately fell ill.  The last time she opened the screen to work on the book project, she wrote that two things immediately happened.


The first was that two of her colleagues passed away just moments after speaking to her, while the manuscript was in front of her. 


The second, was that her mother-in-law explained to her son (the editor’s husband) that she had begun experiencing repeated nightmares of being murdered, exactly like Mary Jane Kelly was. It should be noted that her mother-in-law lives in the Ukraine and speaks only Russian and Ukraine.  Only the editor and her husband knew of the “Eyes of Blue” project and never shared any of the project with the mother-in-law.  How the dreams could be exactly the same as the Mary Jane Kelly murder is unknown. 


And finally, the editor wrote that after eight years of a marriage that had no problems, her husband announced to her that their marriage was now over.


Based on all of this, she refused to work any further on the book.


A new editor was retained and the book finished.  It is now available on Amazon.