written by George Hruby

Bio’s (Fiction) 1992 [Yet to be Published]


Bio’s was a fictional novel about a military police investigator who upon investigating a homicide in Southern California, stumbles upon a hidden government program from the Vietnam War. The scientific program, first creating bioengineered military working dogs for warfare, progresses to creating a small group of bioengineered soldiers.

Hruby based the book upon seeing the last bioengineered, military working dog, left over from the Vietnam War, kenneled at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California in the early 1980’s. Hruby stated that the dog looked like no other he or others had ever seen. Its eyes were abnormally gray/green in color and it was known by all handlers as the most vicious dog they had ever worked with.



Hruby, as a Military Police Sergeant, USMC (circa 1984) – Courtesy of George Hruby Archives




The Returning … A True Story (non-fiction) 1997 [RN-TXu 781-863]


The Returning … A True Story (Soon to be released in Publication):


This was Hruby’s first attempt at non-fiction, writing about a case involving a love story, a ghost, and reincarnation. Taking years of investigative work and committed resources, the story involves a battlefield from the 1800’s, and a subsequent journey back into time. Involving six U.S. States, the investigation finally ends in Louisville, Kentucky. The book is filled with much documented evidence as well as numerous discoveries into the case.



Hruby with world-renown psychic, Nancy Myer-Czetli, assistant to U.S. County and State law enforcement agencies including the FBI in over 900 cases, and author of the book, “Silent Witness,” (circa 1994) – Courtesy of George Hruby Archives



The Returning (Screen Play) 2003 [CN-Pau 2-745-627]


Hruby would later own his own production company in Southern California, Manorge Productions. Responsible for client produced video productions, he would eventually write, direct, and produce his own first, full-length movie, “The Returning.” It was loosely based on his earlier book, The Returning … A True Story. The movie was released to the national film festival circuit in 2007.



The Battle of San Pasqual – Search for John Cox (Non-Fiction) 2018 [ISBN 979-8744399474]


The Battle of San Pasqual – Search for John Cox” chronicles the true story in San Diego, California, of the first official battle of the U.S. Army on California soil during the Mexican War in December of 1846. In less than an hour, the battlefield would be littered with American and Mexican dead. Historian George Hruby recreates a minute-by-minute account of this famous California battle and reveals exactly where it occurred across the floor of the San Pasqual Valley including never before known facts and discoveries of the event.


“For those with a passion for minute-by-minute accuracy on the history of a military battle; its place, time, strategy, errors, casualties, and precise location of events … most certainly, this has been accomplished by the San Pasqual Battlefield Site Location Project. With their years of intense research, field surveys, and their sharing with both private and governmental organizations, they have in effect, rewritten the Battle of San Pasqual as we have known it.”


Historian – Tom Cook Former President of the San Pasqual Battlefield Volunteer Association



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Eyes of Blue – The Final Victim of Jack-the-Ripper  (Non-Fiction)  2021  [ISBN  979-8543350645]



Eyes of Blue – The Final Victim of Jack-the-Ripper” is a recreation of the last night in the life of Mary Jane Kelly, the final victim of Jack-the-Ripper. It gives an hour-by-hour account of her movements and actions on the final evening of November 8th, 1888, into the morning of November 9th when she is killed. The account, although conjectural in nature, is based on 1st hand witness information, police documents including inquest and coroner’s report, and some 2nd hand reporting based on newspaper accounts at the time. Like almost all Jack-the-Ripper articles and books written on this subject, some of the findings presented are in the opinion of the writer and may differ from some other versions presented. The following presentation is based on investigative and historical research experience and background of its author.



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Midnight on the Custer Battlefield  (Non-Fiction)  2021   [ISBN 979-8545261147]



Midnight on the Custer Battlefield” is a haunting and dark reveal into the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Follow a minute-by-minute account of this infamous battle including illustrations and photographs that put faces-to-the-names of those involved in this historical and tragic event. Historian, George Hruby, gives a compelling commentary of his thoughts and views concerning this battle. He dares to broach such taboo topics as Monahsetah, Custer’s Indian wife, as well as to who may have been responsible for an unmentionable mutilation to Custer’s body. He delves into the mysterious twenty-to thirty minute pause by Custer and his men during the heat of the battle, giving new insight into what most likely was the cause. Also, how Custer most likely died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn which is far removed from the spectacular portrayals often shown in the movies. He leaves us with his conclusion on what really happened that day between the Indians and the soldiers, and why?



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Through my Eyes – A Book of Poetry (Fiction) 2023  [ISBN – 979-8-8642-5874-3]



Through my Eyes is an extraordinary, poetic journey through life, death, lust, love, mythologies, religions, childhoods, dreams, and so much more. It is an odyssey on a global scale by the internationally known poet, George Hruby.


A published poet since childhood, this is the first ever released book dedicated to his works. Considered perhaps one of the last great 20th century poets, the reclusive and very private writer has reluctantly agreed to have his poetry published in book form for the first time. It includes 72 poems, each one followed by its own ‘backstory’ featuring the composition’s origin, inspiration, and in some cases, hidden meaning. In addition, 25 photographs feature the writer throughout his life. A preface written by JV Lambert chronicles his extraordinary story.

A ‘must-read’ for anyone caught up in the thralls of life.



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Bordeaux: Of Wine and Dark Tales (Non-Fiction) 2022  [ISBN – Pending]


Hruby explores the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux, France. In this exciting book featuring beautiful color photographs and illustrations, Hruby explores the rich and dark history that is Bordeaux. Indeed, its vineyards and wines have persevered for over 2000 years, including through times of Roman Gladiators, Witches, Werewolves, Medieval Atrocities, the French Revolution, and even World War-Two. Hruby writes that all this rich history that is Bordeaux, is part of what you taste in each drop of its precious wines.




Entrance to Roman Coliseum in Bordeaux, France – Photograph by George Hruby





The Last Regulators (Non-Fiction) 2023  [ISBN – Pending]


Before there was Blackwater Security, there was RIPCO in the 1980’s. A specialized elite security force in San Diego County, tasked with protecting thousands of illegal immigrants living in hidden cities in remote corners of rural San Diego County. Fighting Mexican Border Bandits that crossed the U.S. Border at night to rob and kill Mexican immigrants, RIPCO found itself often alone and fighting illegal alien smugglers, drug and gun smugglers, illegal alcohol sales, brothels, along with homicides, robberies, burglaries, car theft rings, etc., and much more. Working with over five different law enforcement agencies, since Billy-the-Kidd, RIPCO personnel became the last known “Regulators” in U.S. history.



Hruby (back row – center) with his team just after a raid (circa 1986) – Courtesy of RIPCO archives